Crosby Beach Cleaning


Beach cleaning is great fun.  Fresh air, exercise and the satisfaction of doing your bit to keep the beach clean and safe – what’s not to like?!

These wonderful drawings are by the pupils of Windsor Primary School, Toxteth who obviously enjoyed their beach clean.  Their messages are loud and clear!

Once a month on a Sunday morning 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, date depending on the tides.   See the calendar for dates.  We provide equipment and meet on the prom below Crosby Baths.  If very wet, meet under the canopy of the baths.  Please come in suitable clothing and footwear for the weather.  We love having children and dogs but they are the sole responsibility of the adults who bring them. We are covered by the Sefton Coast and Countryside public liability insurance and the RNLI vehicle cruises up and down, but we do ask everyone to take careful note of the health and safety guidelines displayed on the railings.

Friends of Crosby Beach

There are toilets and a café at the nearby Baths.  Cafe Vita at the baths is plastic free!

Well, we thought 2017 was a brilliant year, but 2018 was even better, with 580 adults and 116 juniors turning out. Between them they clocked up 1600 volunteer hours (the equivalent of a full-time paid worker) and collected 363 FULL BAGS – and by full, we mean just that as we combine the bags at the end of the clean so as to recycle the bags. We organised a number of bespoke beach cleans for schools, firms and other organisations. If anyone else would like to come down in the week, please fill in the form on our Contacts page and we will do our best to accommodate you, bearing in mind that the team are all volunteers, most of whom work.

We understand that firms are given tax relief for sending their employees out on community projects like this and we would, therefore, ask them to make a contribution to enable us to buy equipment.  Needless to say, we would not ask this of schools or non-profit organisations.

Some of the pupils from Bedford Primary School, Bootle waiting their turn to do their beach clean as part of their excellent anti-plastic project which also took them down to the Sky Studios in London to make a video of it.

Friends of Crosby Beach