Crosby Beach News

Friends of Crosby Beach

Vision for the Future of Crosby Coastal Park

Green Sefton (Sefton Council) want to:

  • Conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the coast
  • Adapt to coastal and climate change
  • Drive sustainable economic growth
  • Provide long-term health benefits

View the Vision they are putting forward and comment online at This is our coast which we all value so make sure you have your say.

Waterloo Festival Donation

We are very grateful to the organisers of the Waterloo Festival for their generous donation of £1000 from the proceeds. Not as well attended as the previous year because of poor weather, nevertheless those who attended obviously enjoyed themselves, which was great to see. Unfortunately, they did leave rather a lot of litter which the FoCB team had been asked to clear up. The organisers had provided plenty of litter bins scattered all over the site so there was no excuse.

Afternoon of fun, information and creativity at this year’s Marine Awareness event

Last year’s Marine Awareness event, the first organised by Friends of Crosby Beach was really good, but according to those there for the second one on Saturday this was even better. The beach was buzzing with people, children and activity. There was a wonderful display of rubbish and plastic fossils by Hightown Beach Clean group and Tommy Norbury was full of praise for the event, saying it was “well organised, well attended and there was a lot of interest”. LovemyBeach’s Hannah Barnes said it was ”good to see so many people who care about their beach, the marine environment and the planet” and this was echoed by Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Greenpeace, the RSPB and everyone there. At the Liverpool City Region Year of the Environment stall, lots of people filled in the pledge cards to make small changes in their lives to help the environment.

Liverpool University and the National Oceanographic Society brought their scaled-down model of WireWall and geeky fun was had with water pistols and Lego. The RNLI team was there, with their vehicle, to advise on beach safety and the Green Sefton Flood Defence team showcased their dunes mapping system. The two guided walks led by John Dempsey of Green Sefton were extremely popular, with just under 60 people taking part. He said, “It is always a privilege to show people the splendour of the Sefton coast, especially Crosby beach and the dunes.”

As well as all the awareness raising about the urgent need to protect our marine environment, there was loads to do and create. A special feature was a temporary mural on the United Utilities wall, inviting children (and adults) to paint-stamp shoals of fish swimming in the sea. Another enjoyable activity was a sand sculpture of a gigantic turtle, complete with baby turtles. Practically every stall had creative activities, together with a treasure hunt, guessing the number of cotton buds in a jar and identifying piles of plastic rubbish, all collected from the beach.

The final word comes from two young visitors. Evie, aged 10, pronounced the event “a very good idea because it is very good for the environment” and Amelie, aged 9, declared that “the beach is really important to people round here so it should be looked after.” Which is exactly what the wonderful volunteers of Friends of Crosby Beach do at least once a month.

Amazing beach clean by Bedford School

The whole of Bedford School, Bootle turned out over 3 mornings at the end of March to clean the beach. The weather was not brilliant but that didn’t put them off and one class at a time, they set off with great gusto. Carole Watson, the lead Science teacher, said “The children were highly enthusiastic about their trip to the beach and the role they are playing to help provide a solution to a worldwide problem. Before the visit the children had been learning about single use plastic and the danger it poses to the environment.” The FoCB team were very pleased to help out and the children were a real delight.

Fantastic results in 2018

Well, we thought 2017 was a brilliant year, but 2018 was even better, with 580 adults and 116 juniors turning out. Between them they clocked up 1600 volunteer hours (the equivalent of a full-time paid worker) and collected 363 FULL BAGS – and by full, we mean just that as we combine the bags at the end of the clean so as to recycle the bags. We organised a number of bespoke beach cleans for schools, firms and other organisations. If anyone else would like to come down in the week, please fill in the form on our Contacts page and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Well done to our volunteers who have turned out in all weathers to keep the beach clean and to prevent all this rubbish from being swept out to sea.

St Mary’s pupils meet Pudsey!

After a bespoke beach clean organised for some very enthusiastic young pupils of St Mary’s Prep School, who should come along the prom but Pudsey, with his friends from BBC North West, Roger Johnson and Beccy Barr who were raising money for Children in Need. The children were really excited when he stopped off to say hello – a brilliant end to a brilliant beach clean.

fRriends of Crosby Beach - St Mary's pupils after their beach clean with Pudsey

Raising much needed funds

We desperately need more equipment and clearly we have very little means of raising funds ourselves.  Our volunteers do enough to clean the beach without having to raise funds.

So, we are enormously grateful to Unison in Waterloo for giving us £500 and we are delighted that we have been successful in securing a grant of £500 from Sea Changers.

That’s not all – we have been successful in our bid to Tesco Bags of Help.  Thanks to our wonderful supporters and volunteers who shopped at Tesco and gave us the tokens, we were awarded £2000.  We can well and truly stock up on equipment now!

2 Minute Beach Cleans

LovemyBeach have placed a 2-minute beach cleaning board outside Crosby Leisure Centre so that people can take some pickers and a small bag to pick up some rubbish as they go for a walk.  What a great idea!  Thank you to LovemyBeach and also to Crosby Leisure Centre for agreeing to put the board out and take it in every day.